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Virgo and Pisces Compatibility

Virgo and Pisces Compatibility
A Pisces relationship with Virgo always brings a harmonious equilibrium. Pisces find its easy to communicate and get along with Virgo, which works to their advantage every time they want something done.  Although they have their set differences, Pisces never finds it hard to adapt and adjust to Virgo. Like Pisces, they are loving, compassionate and understanding. If they both learn from each other and compromise, their relationship would practically be a match made in heaven.

There is a lot to admire and much to learn from one another. Virgo is highly intellectual; they can teach Pisces analytical ways to solve problems and reach their ambitious dreams. Pisces, on the other hand, can encourage calmness as Virgo can be too rigid and nitpick about everything.

Likewise, Pisces has a deep appreciation of how Virgo can understand their emotional needs. When Pisces feels insecure and demands time from Virgo, they are always ready to give in to what their Pisces partner wants. Virgos are never afraid to stay unruffled when Pisces has their tantrums or mood swings. At the same time, Virgo can fuel Pisces need for adventure, growth, and imagination. Like Pisces, they bring creativity and security to the relationship.
Advantages of Virgo and Pisces Relationship

There are so many common attributes that the two signs share that is advantageous to their relationship. Virgo is the most focused person; and once they set their eyes on the prize, they will work for it and do everything to achieve it. They love solving problems and going through every detail. They love quality over quantity, and always make sure everything is in order and organized.

Because of these attributes, Virgo can be Pisces' perfect motivator. In times when Pisces becomes laid back and complacent, Virgo can mandate them to get back on their feet. Virgos are so full of energy and never tire when it comes to caring for their Pisces partner; always giving them the treatment they deserve.

Lastly, Virgo does not mind if Pisces becomes too clingy or expressive. They are gentle, tolerant, and understanding. In times when Pisces can be stubborn and demanding, Virgo still comes to their rescue, to the extent that they can forget themselves in order to only please their Pisces mate. The relationship Pisces has with Virgo is full of compassion and devotion; one that is worth keeping despite their fixed set of differences.

Disadvantages of Virgo and Pisces Relationship

There are just a few factors that can put clashes and tremors into the relationship between a Pisces and Virgo. One factor is the need Virgo has  to be obsessive compulsive. They are so focused on making things correct and perfect that it can sometimes suffocate Pisces, disrupting their nature to love frenzy and chaos.

Likewise, Virgo tries to fix everything. They are so intuitive, analytical, and have a strong desire to be on top. They have a wider view of life than Pisces, which makes them more authoritative and dominating. And when it comes to making decisions, they prefer to follow their own ideas and decisions rather than coinciding with anyone, even with their Pisces partner.

Lastly, despite Virgo's compassion, they can at times become cold and insensitive. When they speak their mind, there is no one stopping them. They can also be too prejudiced, always jumping into conclusions. The worst thing is, though, is that they always expect everyone around them to live up to their standards. Your Daily Virgo Horoscopes will point out these traits so you can find ways to overcome them.

Don'ts with a Virgo and Pisces Relationship
When Pisces and Virgo come together in a relationship, it is full of fulfillment and joy.  Both signs are accepting and sympathetic. They are bonded with their idealism and respect for each other. However, there are few things they have to consider if they want to make the relationship better.

For instance, Virgo's fixed mind-set to be always right should never be tolerated. Pisces even with their gullible attitude should not allow Virgo to dominate and manipulate them. Instead, they must learn to stand on their own and express what they want.

On the other hand, Virgo should not come on too strong and cold for their Pisces, especially when Pisces can be overly sensitive and emotional themselves. They must learn how to open themselves up and adapt to how Pisces would want to be treated. Reconciliation and patience are what both signs should invest in for this relationship to work.

What The Relationship Needs

As you will learn in your Daily Virgo Love Horoscope, the relationship with Pisces and Virgo generally makes a great partnership. Though we are complete opposites, but we can do communicate and do well together. What this relationship needs is constant understanding and appreciation from both sides.

Pisces must learn how to go out of their way for their Virgo, and Virgo must give their Pisces some leeway. Virgo should not become too tight and rigid; rather they should learn how to stimulate Pisces creativity and imagination. They must play the role of the ever-supportive partner, never introducing limits or suppressing their Pisces in the things they want to achieve.

This relationship needs constant reaffirmation of security and friendship. Security and stability are very important for Pisces. They need to feel that they are well-loved and appreciated. If they don't find this from their cold and insensitive Virgo, they will tend to get tired in no time. Likewise, if Virgo does not see a potential best friend in their lover, one that they can easily get along with, share their minds with, and explore and grow, then this relationship has no future. If both learn each other's ways and evolve, then this relationship is not far from being ideal.

Jordan Canon
Spiritual Advisor


  1. can you do one on Gemini and Virgo

    1. Gemini and Virgo don't quite get along. I'm Virgo myself.

    2. That is true , Gemini's personalities & humor is considered rude in Virgo's books. Virgos only get along with Virgos,Taurus,Libra,Leo.

    3. What about Pisces?

    4. That's certainly not always true! I'm introverted Gemini and I have a great stable relationship with my boyfriend Virgo.

    5. I've known several virgo-gemini relationships. Seems like once these two get together, it's serious and long-lasting.

  2. According to this, Virgo is the only one to have to change in order for this relationship to be successful? It's a bit ridiculous.

    1. I'm a Virgo, and I have a Pisces in my life whom I love very much. I will do anything for her. It's really not a problem. In fact, it's quite a pleasure.

    2. I'm Virgo and my boyfriend is Pisces and we are perfect together a lot of love passion and understanding with each other I'd be nobody without him.

  3. Sounds like this Jordan Canon had a bad experience with a Virgo...